Individual Concierge Services

Let Main Line Concierge become your personal assistant and concierge service dedicated to taking care of your “to-do” list. From picking up and dropping off your dry cleaning, to making restaurant reservations or scheduling tee times, Main Line Concierge is a phone call away.

A La Carte Services
Individual services may be requested as-needed, and are generally invoiced on an hourly basis. Requests may be made by phone, email, fax, or internet and fees will be charged at the time services are rendered. This program is ideal for clients who need occasional concierge assistance.

Membership Packages
Monthly or annual memberships may be obtained for concierge services needed on a more frequent basis. Clients may purchase a set amount of hours per month or per year entitling them to as many service requests as needed. This program is ideal for newcomers to our area or for those who anticipate frequent need for personal concierge assistance.



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